Eden software is currently one of the largest software value-added service providers, at home and abroad over the services of thousands of enterprises, customer types cover finance, telecommunications, logistics,
Medical, government, education and other industries.
After more than 20 years of development, Eden has established a wide range of fully functional software database, ready to meet the diverse needs of customers.
At the same time have a group of senior technical service team, familiar with the various aspects of enterprise IT operations, years of service experience, so that they have a sharp unique vision,
You can accurately analyze customer needs and provide timely and appropriate to its integrated solution, while the process of enterprise information for possible risks and vulnerabilities, Proposed rectification and optimization proposals, all-round customer service.
Service Content
Diversified software requirements
Enterprise IT compliance and overall
To help customers improve the original
                 IT systems and processes
Software development
Service Advantage

Edensoft has built long term relationship with a lot of famous enterprises, including Microsoft, Symantec, Citrix, IBM, Oracle, Adobe. We have rich software resource that enables us to provide customers with the best cost performance combination that can satisfy every need of our customers.

We have already established stable relationship with our suppliers. Thus, we can obtain the software update and relative discount information as soon as possible. We can provide products of great return, and save the cost of our customers.

We have thousands of successful cases. We have inborn advantages in products services and solution recommendation. We can give the optimal solution to our customers in very limited time, and help customers build quality enterprise informatization channel.

We have our own service teams, who have professional knowledge and service experience. They can build IT service operation framework fast according to customer's need and status. They guarantee that customer's needs on system install, maintenance, optimize can be satisfied.