Operation and maintenance services
Eden provides customers with the overall outsourcing service of day-to-day operations, with effective integration of technical resources by professional teams, regular health check and rectification of the system
, Issued a proposal to optimize the report to ensure that the entire IT system stable and efficient operation, while reducing customer operating costs.
System Health Check and Repair
System Health Check and Repair
Identify key areas that may affect the performance level risk in the immediate or future, key component configurations for each system,
Performance status, and day-to-day operating procedures, as well as recommendations for remediation of these risk factors.
Service Process
Data collection
Reports and presentations
For high-risk project repair and service improvement
Measure and develop server performance benchmarks, the user load a reasonable allocation.
Measure and benchmark server performance, perform horizontal or vertical performance bottlenecks
Extended, enhanced server security settings.
Economy - flexible architecture, pay-as-you-go
Patch Management
For customers daily systems and software and many other products, patch strategies and daily patch effective management.
Configuration change monitoring
Through the regular server configuration compliance report, abnormal changes found in the system, and regularly
Debugging to enhance change and release management.
Technical problem solving support
Provide 7 * 24-hour Chinese hotline service and local on-site support services
Service provided by: telephone, e-mail and Web in three ways。
Service delivery management
Status meetings and reports
Regularly prepare standard service status reports, summarize the delivery of service activities and customer satisfaction during the previous reporting period, and discuss any actions or adjustments that may be required in the next phase.
Enhance management
Eden is committed to providing you with more system-in-depth Support。