Features Cloud Services
Eden cloud storage, to meet the user experience at the same time, providing enterprises with a more convenient and efficient document storage, management platform.
Developed for cloud storage products, enterprise data center to ensure high stability, high availability, while improving file transfer speed
So that enterprise documents can be efficiently shared, improve work efficiency, enhance corporate image.
Advantages of Eden Cloud Services
High reliability, high availability
The world's highest-level data center; provide 99.95% monthly SLA, and provide financial security.
Data security is guaranteed
File encryption storage, the use of international standard-level distributed storage, in Shanghai, Beijing a total of 6
(3 +3) file backup, the two places each disaster recovery.
Flexible economic structure, pay-as-you-go
Financial convenience
According to the actual business data storage usage at any time to increase or decrease the required storage space
With the number of accounts. Pay to use, do not need to wait for the development, deployment, according to the actual
The use of pay, saving the use of cost.
Maintenance costs are low
Do not need to build or rent a hardware server, no upfront capital investment, do not specifically requested
IT staff to manage and maintain hardware equipment.
Efficient - lightning transmission, unified management
Fast file transfer channel
Support three major operators (Telecom, China Unicom, mobile) Internet access, low latency, upload,
Download files speed guaranteed. Support for offline transmission and HTTP. Existing server upload
Log files without retransmission, just for data validation, eliminating unnecessary upload time
And storage space.
Graphical management interface
Administrator privileges for all documents for unified management, classification, archiving is simple.
Convenient - a key to share, mobile office
Unique mailbox attachment assistant
1G, 10G or even larger files, still can be sent by e-mail. No need to replace the original
Mail system, fast on-line, efficient and convenient. Using the company mail system and domain name,
More formal, more legal effect.
Support multi-platform access
Mobile phones, tablet PCs, and other terminals.
Quality customer service
Round-the-clock customer consultation
7 * 24-hour customer service consulting services, data loss doubled Peifu, customer storage worry.
Exclusive customization services
The Eden Cloud Expert Team offers a variety of exclusive customization services and one-on-one consultancy services
, In-depth understanding of the enterprise organizational structure, based on the provision of professional document management solution
Program, help corporate brand output, enhance corporate image.